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New York Invasive Species Information Clearinghouse

NYIS.INFO is your gateway to science-based information, innovative tools, news and events, and for coping with biological invaders in New York. NYIS.INFO links scientists, local, state and federal resource managers, policy setters, educators, and grassroots efforts to help you become part of the battle against invasive species in New York.

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  • NY iMapInvasives

    Help stop the spread! Report your invasive species sightings to https://www.nyimapinvasives.org/.

  • Hy Signature Horse Mane and Tail Comb (BZ3857)

    Credit: Zachary Simek, APIPP PRISM

    I want to learn more information about invasive species! Learn more

  • Hy Signature Horse Mane and Tail Comb (BZ3857)

    Learn about the regulations regarding invasive species. Learn more